Monday, August 20, 2007

About Our 23 Web 2.0 Things Challenge...

There is a lot of buzz in the library press about Web 2.0 and its impact on libraries. The Central TAFE Library believes that Web 2.0, and the social software that it has given birth to, has tremendous transformational potential, perhaps second only to the introduction of the Internet itself.

In preparation for this challenge, we've all been doing a lot of research into Web 2.0, and along the way couldn't help but hear and read about the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County's 23 Learning 2.0 Things. It struck us that this would be a great thing to do here in Perth, so we are happy to announce our own 23 Web 2.0 Things challenge for the Central TAFE community!

Our 23 Web 2.0 Things Challenge FAQ:

1. Who is this program for?
Initially there will be a trial run of 5 to 10 volunteers from the libraries at Central TAFE. Trevor has already indicated his interest in participating. If it is successful (and why shouldn’t it be?) it will be extended to all Central TAFE staff.

2. What pre-knowledge is required?
Ideally you should have attended the GOLD programme workshop on Wikis and Blogs but if you haven’t you will quickly pick up the skills as you proceed with the course.

3. How long do I have to complete the 23 things?
Nine weeks starting on August 20 2007. You are expected to work on an exercise each week (about 15 mins. per day) with the complete support of your manager. You may work ahead and from home if you want since this course is web based and not tied to your computer at work.

4. How does this online learning program work?
You work at your own pace through the 23 things by clicking on the links for each thing. For each “thing” you do, post to your blog and comment about your experiences. Start each blog entry with the number of the “thing” you did so we can keep track of how you're doing! And remember: it's NOT a speed test! It's all about what you learn and how you apply that knowledge!

5. What if I've already done some of these things?
That's great -- you're on your way, just post a comment on your blog about the ones you’ve done!

6. How will you know what I've done?
Like we said, you'll post information and links on your blog. When you’ve completed the 23 things, email us at with the link to your blog and a mailing address.

7. Why should I do it?
Because it’s a fun way to learn something new that will expand your personal and professional horizons. Participation is voluntary. You’ll end up with a blog, a Flickr account, a account, and a YouTube account at a minimum. We haven’t found anyone yet who doesn’t love Flickr! If you complete all 23 things, you will receive recognition AND you could also win a prize. How great is that?

8. Can our group do it as a team?
Yes, yes, yes! In fact, we really encourage you to do it as a team. It will be more fun that way to share all you learn, and you can spur each other on to learn and do more new things!

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